Friday, December 11, 2009

This time of year when the reeds in the water turn a gorgeous golden color is one of my favorite times to walk the dogs down to the harbor and enjoy the scenery.  I took my digital camera with me and took at least a hundred photos of various views of Mount Sinai bay area at low tide as the sun was setting.  I love the warm light and long shadows at that time of day.  I imported the images into iPhoto on my computer and actually use the computer as a sketchbook.  I do my cropping and color enhancements and corrections digitally then 

use my photos as references for my artwork.

For this series of work I already painted two small 6” x 6” watercolor paintings-one of them was sold at Gallery North at one of the exhibits I was in there. I think I am going to continue the series of small studies in both the square and rectangular formats and maybe also experiment with a few small silverpoint drawings of the landscapes as well.

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